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Karuna Hospice, compassion and home care

The Brisbane based Karuna Hospice Service was featured recently in an article by Andrew McMillen in The Australian.

Andrew followed one of the Karuna nurses, Camille Doyle, during one of her home visits. Reflecting on her role, palliative care and compassion Camille said:

“A good palliative care nurse should be invisible,”…“You’re there to help them negotiate the process with friends and loved ones. The Dalai Lama says compassion should be selfless: it’s not about you, it’s about them. You’re a springboard. But it’s a real dance: you’re not a robot, and you go in with your whole self and heart open. We’re all emotionally involved, and the moment you’re not – when it becomes mechanical – I think you should quit.”

Karuna offers home visiting nursing and volunteers in end of life support, with about 250 volunteers variously involved in their work. Many of their volunteers come to their work having previously experienced their services as family members.

For more information see the Karuna Hospice Services website.

Picture: Camille Doyle. Credit to Justine Walpole

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