Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Final Report June 2017

The Volunteer Support Services Programme (2014 – 2017) ended its first funding period in June 2017.

During this time the programme explored and reported on palliative care volunteering in NSW. These reports are included as component chapters of this Final Report.

These reports informed our development of the Statewide Framework for Palliative Care Volunteering (June 2017). This is included as the opening work of the Final Report.

Palliative Care NSW would like to acknowledge and thank NSW Health for their commitment to palliative care volunteering through funding for the Volunteer Support Services Programme.

Thanks to the Management Committee of Palliative Care NSW for their guidance and governance of the Volunteer Support Services Programme.

Thank you also to all the Volunteers, Volunteer Managers, Directors, Service Development Officers, Nurses, Medical staff and clinicians across Palliative Care who have contributed in some way to the work of the Volunteer Support Services Programme.

And finally thank you to our staff and Macquarie University interns who contributed to the work of the Volunteer Support Services Programme over the years: Elise McIntosh, Paul Huang, Christina Smith, Jacob Gregory, Megan Burke, Kate Bowman, Julie Flood & Jessica Marsden.

Alex Huntir, Manager Volunteer Support Services Program, Palliative Care NSW

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