Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

A Snapshot of Palliative Care Volunteering

What do we know about palliative care volunteering in NSW?

Palliative care volunteers regularly feature in the media and in policy documents, but little was known about their quantum, management or scope of activities in NSW.

In 2014 a detailed study of the participation and management of volunteers in palliative care services in NSW was undertaken for the first time. The findings were published in October 2014. The survey found that a total of 38 palliative care services involve 1,242 volunteers across 38 different services.

The 4 largest volunteer services collectively accounted for 32.4% of all palliative care volunteers in NSW, 3 of these were non-government services and organisations. In addition 1 LHD and 1 Network expressed plans to introduce volunteers whilst having none currently.

Read the report by Linda Hansen and Alex Huntir from the Volunteer Support Services Programme at PCNSW below (please click on the blue text to download):


The Snapshot report is also available in print.