Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Accidental Counsellor Liverpool Wed 15 May

This one-day interactive workshop aims to develop the knowledge and skills of volunteers involved in palliative care organisations to more effectively support people who are distressed. The course is mainly for those who are not trained counsellors and who are not in counselling roles, however frequently find themselves having to use counselling skills due to the nature of their roles.

Participants will be given opportunity to:

  • Explore the overlap between their key work responsibilities and “accidental” counselling
  • Explore the influence of personal values on the communication process
  • Explore the importance of empathetic response to support distress regulation
  • Explore the brains functioning when stressed and identify strategies to support someone who is distressed.

Facilitator: Mirna Tarabay, Psychotherapist, PACFA

Date: Wednesday 15 May 2019

When: 0900-1600

Where: Mounties – Elizabeth Room

101 Meadows Rd Mount Pritchard 2170

Cost: $40


For South Western Sydney LHD Palliative Care Volunteers contact Arlene Roache or 02 8738 9755.

More information: Email us.